Motorcycle Gear Tips Will Help Keep You Safe

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When it’s time to buy new motorcycle gear, it can be hard to know where to start. Maybe the last time you bought gear when in 1972 when you first got your bike. You could also be a new rider who doesn’t know what’s important. Regardless, there are several pieces of gear that are essential for every rider, and that you should purchase for yourself. You need gear not just for safety reasons, but also to keep yourself as comfortable as possible. If you need assistance in deciding what to get, check out the following motorcycle gear tips.

The first motorcycle gear tip we have for you is to buy a helmet, if you don’t already have one. And if your helmet is old, or dented, or you know it’s fallen and hit the ground, even if it was only off your bike handles. A safe helmet is the key to motorcycle safety, and you’re going to be glad you’ve got one should you ever be in a crash. Any damage to a helmet can mean it won’t be able to protect you fully should you crash, so if you haven’t always been careful with yours, now is the time to invest in a new one.

Your next motorcycle gear tip is to get a good jacket. You may often see riders in t shirts during the summer, or bundled in winter coats when it’s cold outside. Both of these situations are a bad idea. A motorcycle jacket that fits you properly will keep you safe while you’re riding, and is essential. It will also keep you comfortable, no matter what the weather. In warm weather, it keeps the sun off of you, and has vents to open for airflow. In cold weather, it keeps the wind from hitting you, and keeps body heat in.

There are many other important motorcycle gear tips to give you, but we’ll focus our next two on your extremities. First up, you need a good tough pair of leather motorcycle gloves. These are important not only for your safety, but also for your comfort. In the safety situation, gloves will help to prevent your hands from sustaining damage in an accident. They will also help you get a firm grip on the handle bars. They also help to keep your hands comfortable, and prevent them from getting wind chapped.

Motorcycle boots are also an important motorcycle gear tip. Any serious rider needs them, and not just to look cool. Motorcycle boots help your feet to stay locked into the foot pedals while you’re riding, but allow for release during a sudden stop, like an accident. They also help to keep the skin of your feet safe in a crash, and help to stabilize your ankles, preventing breaks and sprains.

So what’s the hold up? Order these pieces of gear today, before your next ride. Following our motorcycle gear tips will help you to stay happy and healthy as you’re riding, and will keep you more comfortable on the road as well!